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B. 1973 


1994-1999                          G.D.Art ,Painting,

2017                          Carrion Gallery,Venice,Italy.
2017                                  Kokontan Gallery, Venice,Italy. 
2012                                  Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai,India. 
2010.                                Pundole art Gallery,Mumbai.India.                                 
2008                                 Troubadour art Gallery, London.
2004                                  Apparao Galleries,Chennai.India.
2003                      W.F. Art Gallery, New York.


2018                               "Art for Concern",Concern India Auction,NCPA,Mumbai.
2017                            "Art For Peace,Project Indo-Israeli",Hutheesing Centre, Ahmedabad and the Museum of Goa,India
2017                                 "Art For Concern",Concern Auction,Taj Hotel,Mumbai
2016                                  The Travel of Marco Polo's Mosaic International Artists Project
                                          Curated by Manuel Carrion ,Carrion Gallery,Venice,Italy.
2016                      Concern Exhibitio,Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai        
2015                       “Rethinking the Regional', Curated by Dr.Manisha Patil,
                            The National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.
2015                       “Qualia”,Sublime Art Gallery,Bangalore,India.
2014                     National Award Painters Art,Hutheesing Center,Ahmdabad,Gujrat.      
2014                      “Divergent Horizons”,Lalit Kala Academy Chennai. 
2013                                  India Art Festival,Mumbai,India.
2013                                  United Art Fair,New Dehli,India.                   
2013                                   Pune Binnaele,Pune,India.
2012                                  ART 4 Barter Curated by Antonio Puri,Philadelphia,U.S.A.
2012                                  41,43,44,46,54  National Exhibition of art  Lalit Kala Academy,New Dehli.
2011                                  "Melange" Pundole art Gallery,mumbai.
2007                                  “Abstracts” Apparao Galleries,Chennai,New Delhi.
2005                                  Indian Contemporary Art in Ghana org by Lalit Kala Academy.New Dehli.
2004                                  Auction Indo-American Art Council,New Yark.           
2003                                   “pupra” Macropia Gallery, Czechoslovakia Centre 


2018                                  Tata Trusts Travel Grant Award,India.
2012                                   National Award,lalit kala Academy,Govt of India.
2012                                    Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant,New York.
2006                                    Junior Fellowship,Cultural Dep.,Govt. of India.
2001                                   ‘National Scholarship’, Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi.
1999                                   Gold Medal, Maharashtra State.


2014                      National Award Winner Painters Art Camp,Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India.
2012                                   National Camp,Lalit Kala Academy Chennai.
1999                                   Young Artists-National,Organized by Lalit Kala Academy,Chennai
1998                                   N.C.P.A. Mumbai.