"Swaying in sanctity of Mysticism" - R.B.Holle - by Pankaja JK

A mesmerizing work, meandering in the unknown zone of Universe and creating the aura of mysticism is the apt introduction of R.B. Holle’s creation. His interest in tracing the secrets of nature was developed right from childhood as he is a sensitive person. His Art has developed over the years and within ten years he is so famed as a talented painter that, even the New York based Pollock Krasner Foundation has acknowledged his art and offered him a Jackson Pollock Scholarship.

(R.B.Holle''untitled''Acylic on Canvas,69''x180'',2010.)
In this series Holle develops galaxy, the whole Universe in a small frame by rhythmic presentation of granular forms in acrylic on canvas and even in installations by using toothpicks. The forms also seem to have movement, swift movements as it happens in Milky Way. The balance of forms in circular motions with dark hues consisting of lighter tinges creates a vibrant equilibrium; a complete cosmos and packed energy of life. Also, being an aesthetic, Holle has a theosophical touch due to strong belief in aesthetics and existence of God or mysticism.  Those images have romantic rural environs of Kasari, his native place. It breaths freshness, purity and virginity. The paintings offer unfathomable, vast and clandestine world in the midst of realistic hustle- bustle of metropolitan city, Mumbai where he presently lives and works.
(R.B.Holle,''untitled''Acyalic on canvas,51''x51'',2010.)
To cater his future dreams, this youngster wanted to settle in wonderland of Mumbai. But who would support him? Initially he struggled and visited various Art Galleries, showed his paintings to almost all the famed artists like Dilip Ranade, Laxman Shrestha and Gaitonde. A few of them gave suggestions on improvements in his paintings, some suggested changes in color combination and a few advised him on the form of painting. Holle’s painting started modifying with the aid of these suggestions. So, he acknowledges his attainment of this vision of Art to experienced and supportive seniors and fellow artists. Steadily, the real essence of Abstract dawned on him that, an abstract painting is but a concentrated concept, expressed with complete liberty. It is the image through which observer has to explore and contemplate the core of concept and advent into unknown aspect of known possessions. Stars in galaxy, colliding celestial objects, illuminating planets, this colorful and shinning form of the Milky Way and its deeply rooted secrets seem to in the paintings.Holle is greatly inspired by the philosophies of Saint Tukaram and Lao Tzu. He also highly regards Gaitonde for his Art and considers him as his teacher. For him, at this stage of his progress as an artists, his own paintings are not just formless colour play; but a mirror image of unbiased and purest state of mind.  

- Pankaja JK